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 Business Coaching for Leaders
& Team Training

In our 1-on-1 coachings, I accompany you as a sparring partner at eye level. I remind you of your strengths and abilities and give you effective tools to navigate situations successfully. 

🥳 More fun in your role

♟️  Clear strategy for healthy & authentic leadership

🧘🏽  Inner peace & strong self-leadership

🗣   Successful feedback giving, conversations & negotiatations

🔦 Accompaniment from operational to leadership position

🗺 Stronger common language in your team 

⏰ Optimize time & email management

🧭 New professional direction & personal development

⚙️ Toolbox for your daily leadership routine 

🎧  6 sessions within 3 months

🎧  12 sessions within 6 months

🎧  24 sessions within 1 year

In our team training we consciously take time for strengthening the team. Together with all participants we create a respectful, humorous and effective space that will make your team more effective by clarify roles, improving communication and applying training solution. 

⚛️ Team feels more motivated & as a unit

👩‍💻 Clear understanding of roles of all team members

🗣  Common language & processes

🎯 Goal-oriented & appreciative communication

😎 Successful navigating emotions & better communication

🧰 Practical tools for conflict resolution & communication

☀️ Practical methods for stress & burnout prevention

👀 Reinforcing conversations at eye-level

📈 Possible increase in turnover through common focus

🎓  Kick-off analysis: Half day

🎓  1-day training 

🎓  3 days training within 6 months

🎓  6 days training within 1 year

Packages can be adjusted

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Virtual call of 20 - 45min with Coco to get to know each other and ask all your questions. The first meeting is free of costs and not binding.


Get inspirations about methods and tools, "healthy conversation tips" and much more for your everyday work life (max. 2 per month). Decide who you want to be as a leader.

For more frequent or privat inspiration, follow me on LinkedIn and Instagram: @cocodecrouppe. 

Leadership Coach I Trainer I Author I Speaker

I am Coco Decrouppe: certified coach, communication trainer and author. For the past 10 years I have been coaching leaders from different businesses, top athletes, astronauts and young entrepreneurs in German-speaking and international countries, as well as giving team trainings. In addition to 20 years of international experience, I bring my imaginary toolbox of simple, proven methods to every coaching and team training session. In my coaching and team training sessions I teach in a fun, clear and authentic way how to enhance your skills and how your team can work together even more successfully. My people-centered approach helps develop and strengthen individuals and teams. Get to know me in a free chemistry call.

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