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Übersicht des Führungsmodells Soccer Field/Fußballfeld von Coach Coco Decrouppe


Grüner Rasen
White letters saying "The Soccer Field Model #agile Leadership" on a green soccer field background

by Coco Decrouppe

Icon mit grünen,gestapelten Bausteinen, die den ersten Baustein von Coco Decrouppes Soccer Field Model darstellen

1. self-management

You set relevant BOUNDARIES in professional relationships and you know how to calm yourself down, so you can make meaningful choices.


Common topics:

saying no, not taking things personally, delegating, 

stress management, inner peace, self-confidence, resilience

Icon zwei grüne Gesprächsblasen, die de zweite Baustein von Coco Decrouppes Soccer Field Model darstellen

2. RElationship MGMT

You decide to COMMUNICATE, and create a safe and healthy communication space for yourself and your counterpart. Simple structures make it easy for you to communicate directly, transparently, and purposefully.


Common topics:

employee discussion, giving feedback, delegating, team meeting, showing vision

Icon mit zwei verschrenkten Händen, die den dritten Baustein von Coco Decrouppes Soccer Field Modell darstelln

3. Team Management

You create a sense of CONNECTEDNESS for your employees by using simple frameworks, intuition, active listening, and asking simple questions. You recognize how this serves the motivation, healthy development of your employees, and the entire company.


Common topics:

silo thinking, change management, conflict management,  motivation, values, vision 

You control the Soccer ball
Vector art green oval shape
Vector Art white frame wth thin lines

3. team-mgmt

Vector Art green heart

2. Relationship


1. selfmanagement

The Soccer field.

This metaphor makes it easy to optimize your self-management, relationship management, and team management at the same time.

The 'Soccer-Field-Method®' is an innovative, easy, and holistic strategy that you can personalize to your individual leadership style. 

What is the Soccer-Field-Method®?

Why Team Training & Coaching?

Your soccer field.

Also suitable for non-soccer-fans :)

Trainingsteilnehmer:innen von Coco Decrouppe sitzen auf Stühlen während sitzender Mann gestikuliert
Icon Person vor einer Flipcart in schwarz

your Team training

for companies

Laptop auf dem ein Mann im Gespräch mit einer Frau spricht
Icon schwarzer Headset

your  coaching

for leaders

Cover vom Buch "The Full Potential Relationship" von Coach und Autorin Coco Decrouppe
Icon Buch schwarz

your  book

The Full Potential Relationship

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