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Are you ALIGNED with your team?

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Training participants hold fists in the middle of the table - Coco Decrouppe with eigenland® method - Team training with Helm AG

Find out what your team thinks: This is my participative team training with the eigenland® Method.

Do you know everything your team knows? Certainly not, but... While much is expected of leaders nowadays, you as a manager MUST and CANNOT know everything. Nevertheless, you SHOULD know what is going on in your team, what team members are thinking, what is bothering them and also what they need.

But HOW do you find out? It's simple: through targeted questions and open communication. To do this, you or your company must invest the time and engage with your team.

The good news: You don't have to master this alone. You can get support from me, an experienced coach and team trainer. Together we can tackle this challenge effectively and with fun in a team training. For example, for many years, I have been using the eigenland® method to uncover the thoughts, experiences and knowledge of teams. at the beginning of my collaboration with them.

Want to learn more about the eigenland® training format? Then read in this blog post how the eigenland® method allows an effective analysis of your team and can help your team in everyday life. You will also find many pictures from my last team training.

About the training format

First, the most important thing: Every team training is adapted by me to the needs of the respective team. I see it as part of my job to to analyze what the team needs in collaboration with the leader of the team or HR manager. For this purpose, virtual meetings take place in advance.

The eigenland® method is one of several effective and motivating training formats that I offer. It often sparks joy and a "casino atmosphere" in the team! It is particularly suitable for team trainings in which we want to address various topics authentically and at eye level. Processes, collaboration, visions, taboos, specific situations or simply any professional topic can be examined in more detail.

Coco Decrouppe explains the eigenland method to training participants sitting in a circle around the table.

How does it work? Here is the rough explanation in 4 steps:

  1. Based on the previous discussion with the leader or HR manager, I formulate theses that focus on various topics that influence the team.

  2. The theses are read out in the team training. Each team member decides whether and how much he/she agrees with the statement. By choosing one of 5 different stone colors, each team member simultaneously placies their stone in the middle of the table. The different colored stones, also called "treasures of the company", represent the decision of each person and result in a even or colorful outcome.

  3. As a trainer, I write down the number of different stones for each thesis and have them analyzed.

  4. The results are printed out to everyone on a sheet. Since the computer-based analysis shows the inequality, we can discuss and debate specific issues and find possible solutions.

What makes this Method special

The workshop format eigenland® is perfectly suited in combination with my soccer field method. We can specifically focus on the different areas of our soccer field: Self-management, conversation management and team management.

Training participants hold hands in the middle of the table during Coco Decroupe's team training session

The eigenland® method is participatory, which means: Everyone takes part and everyone is equal because: Each selected stone represents a voice and is of equal value. The analysis points out where differences, but also commonalities, lie within the team. Here are 4 more strengths:

  1. The team spends a fun day together, where everyone is involved. There is a lot of laughter, but also deep discussions.

  2. Topics are addressed authentically and at eye level. We create a space to really exchange ideas (especially about the things for which there is no time in the daily work).

  3. Clear 'action points' are developed. Ideas and solutions are developed and the potential of your team is further increased!

  4. The team grows together as a unit and gains even more trust. This transparency and the shared experience also increases the 'we-feeling'

Recent Team Experience

Group photo of the training participants of Helm AG & team trainer Coco Decrouppe
Group photo of the training participants of Helm AG & team trainer Coco Decrouppe

Many thanks to the great team of Helm AG for the brilliant team training. This young, global team, which usually works remotely and in different time zones, met in person for the first time during this training. While the eigenland® method helped the team to create long-lasting memories and strengthen the team unity, it is just as suitable for team thats work together in person. Playfully building trust is relevant for any team and brings a lot of fun (as you can see in the pictures below).

A big thank you for the great cooperation and the great day, dear Helm AG. I was excited to experience your strong team spirit and the joy you bring! You have every reason to be proud of yourselves. You will be able to celebrate many more successes together in the future and I would be happy to work with you again.


If you are interested in a cool team event using the eigenland® method or just want to have a direct talk with me, please schedule a free meeting with me now:

By the way: We conducted this teamtraining in a great location, the beautiful Allgäu. The Panoramahotel Oberjoch not only offers a beautiful view of the mountains, but also has a wellness area and great meeting rooms. Thank you for the beautiful stay including snow!

During this training, I was supported by Philipp Stegmann, the best sales trainer in the world. If you are interested in sales training for your team, please contact me/us. Also a big thank you also to all employees of my longtime partner: Eigenland®.

If you feel like sharing, feel free to contact me or leave a comment. I would be happy to hear from you! :)


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