Why your emojis matter

It´s easy to just click on an emoji on your phone or tablet to express how you feel, right? But how do you actually get from the mindset of a stressed emoji to a smiling emoji? Or the other way around!? And how aware are you of your emotions IN the moment? 

Being able to "name" your emotion in the moment, especially when you go through personal or professional change, can help you create some distance, so you can look at the emotion from a "smiling perspective". For example, when you find yourself stuck in traffic, are you aware of your frustration or anger, or do you just react and cut people off? If the latter is the case, slow down your thoughts in the moment, and try to "name" the underlying emotion, e.g. frustration, or anger, etc. Then play with this and ask yourself: What would your smiling emoji say to your angry emoji right now? With a little bit of practice you will realize that YOU HAVE the choice in how you FEEL! You can choose to look at traffic (a situation you truly can´t change) from a smiling emoji´s mindset! Have fun with this and observe, maybe you learn something new about yourself.

In our fast-paced world we need mechanisms to slow down and learn how to make conscious decisions. If you want to improve your emotional intelligence (= awareness of your own emotions, other´s emotions, and ability to navigate emotions in order to reach a goal), try a test coaching with me online: info@cockpitcoaching.com

Ask yourself: How do I get from a frustrated emoji to a smiling emoji?

Big Thank you to Professor Marcy Bullock and all students @ North Carolina State University for helping me create a safe environment to raise thought-provoking questions and answers in my workshops about Emotional Intelligence and Critical Thinking! 😎

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