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Get yours now conveniently and easilyDigital Toolbox for executives. Available at any time as a PDF or to print out yourself, you can be inspired by daily by a new card and Cocos Coaching. the26 inspiration cardsincluded all basic models from Coach Coco. From the 'Soccer Field Model' to the 'Vision Burger' to pizza or the breathing mask, everything is included. These cards remind you of your self-leadership, your soccer field and your authentic leadership style and hopefully bring you joy!



- 26 Inspiration cards in German


Cococ Decrouppe  is a leadership coach & team trainer, author of 'The Full Potential Relationship & The Soccer Field Model' and developer of the 'Leadership Toolbox'. Coco's customers include international companies that develop and support their employees through individual coaching or team training. 

Toolbox for executives - digital

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