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Erfahrungsbericht von Annabelle - Coachee Interview
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Erfahrungsbericht von Annabelle - Coachee Interview

Erfahrungsbericht von Namakau - Coachee Interview
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Erfahrungsbericht von Namakau - Coachee Interview

Agiles Führungsmodell - TRAILER
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Agiles Führungsmodell - TRAILER

Zertifizierter ´Soccer Field Leader´- Gesamtes Video
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Zertifizierter ´Soccer Field Leader´- Gesamtes Video

Clients & Partners

Written Feedback

"Before the first coaching I thought, what is 45 minutes of coaching every 2 weeks going to do for me? Until I realized very quickly how effective it is and how it helps me. Attending a workshop for 3 days is less effective than this 45 minutes of coaching with Coco. It's much more personal and it really provides me with good methods for my leadership. The coaching is really a great support for me for personal development."

Magdalena (34), Head of Department

"Coco is the perfect co-pilot for me! Coaching with her reveals new perspectives and brings clarity in every area of life. I now have different "tools" that I can easily apply in everyday life. I have learned to listen to my personal life compass and recommend coaching with Coco to anyone who wants more out of life!"


"First of all I would like to say that I was very satisfied with the choice of the coach. I definitely made the right choice for me. At the beginning I thought to myself (when I had no session) "Oh my god what should I talk about in 45 min?". This seemed very long to me. After our first meeting I was surprised, on the contrary, the 45 min really flew by. The conversation never ran out, there were no unpleasant silenence.


Session after session I noticed for myself how the trust in Coco grows. So then of course the sessions could be built up more and more clearly and structured. She also gave me super input on the topic of job interviews for new applicants, we created a great guide together, with which I feel very comfortable and also still like to use. Also for everyday life in stressful times or when you just get angry, Coco has suggested very suitable tips for me, how I manage to relax for a moment and approach the matter with renewed vigor, just to create distance. Which fits me as a person super.


Finally, I would like to say that I would do the coaching again and again, because it has helped me a lot, it has shown me different angles to see things in a more relaxed way.  It has helped me to address issues confidently, whether with colleagues/family/friends or superiors. During the last coaching we evaluated and clearly saw the enormous progress. Thank you Coco😊." 

Ulrike (28), Leader, Munich

"Coaching with Coco is like a perfect evening of salsa. You go there to dance. There is someone there who is really good at it, engaging and inspiring, who guides you and shows you what you can do. But she also just lets you do it, because you dance really cute even without a step sequence :). I love that no strings attached go home and are happy because it was a beautiful dance! It's amazing! Something seems different than before, it has to do with the coaching conversations and inner peace."

CLAUDIA (36), TATOO ARTIST, Switzerland

"Since I started coaching I have been on a very interesting and enriching journey. Coco has helped me not only understand myself better, but excel in areas that would have normally held me back."


"Coaching with Coco is a wonderful opportunity to get closer to yourself, to feel yourself better, and to be able to use your strengths specifically in everyday life. I now recognize more loving ways to deal with my weaknesses and have more courage to engage with myself! After each coaching session, I am more and more aware of my thoughts and my possibilities. I also don't take myself so seriously anymore, which has a very positive impact on me and my life. Heavy thoughts and problems become less important! With every coaching I realize a bit more that actually I am the pilot of my life!" 

CLAUDIA (31), DR. MED. DEN. Dentist

"You consciously take time for yourself and embark on an exciting journey of discovery toward your own goals." 


"I was surprised, in this short time, to discover things in myself that give me the reassuring feeling of having found myself a bit more."

NINA (32), MSC, ACCOUNT DIRECTOR, Advertising, Austria

"I have never been challenged to reflect on myself and my life in this way. It's a completely new, unknown, exciting and changing feeling!"  


"I tried coaching with Coco and I am amazed every time what deep forces it uncovered in me. Or what disturbing shackles it exposes and new paths it shows. The power of the images that are worked with is far-reaching and strong. Mostly I realize only after the hour of coaching what has changed and is new. That is when the moment of amazement is there, as I perceive a newfound insight. Good also the summaries written by Coco after the coaching. They reiterate the key points and the outcome of each coaching session. And there is a "homework" to move forward. This keeps the work structured.

Coco combines this incredibly charming, sensitive way with good intuition and not letting go when she has "grabbed the tip" of the topic. She asks the right questions at the right moment. And keeps at it until something important is peeled out. It feels like you come up with the new insights yourself every time. But you only get there because Coco accompanies you along the way - even pushes sometimes :). It is my goal, my way and result that suits me. And which I then implement gladly and well. Simply amazing and so clear."

Ina (42), Germany

"Dear Coco, thank you so much for your open, friendly manner. I continue to be impressed with how engaged you were with me from the beginning and how radiant you came across to me each time. The coaching itself felt good to me (especially in the aftermath) and I was surprised at the results we came to. I also think the "inner captain" is great. Thank you for making me feel accepted and honored in everything."

FRANZISKA ZAAR (26), Actress & Author, BERLIN, Germany

"So so so great... I can recommend the leadership coaching to everyone. Very exciting and insightful what I find out about myself with Coco. Felt in charge right from the start." 

MARIA (44), Dentis assistant, AUSTRIA

"Before I met Coco Decrouppé, books on personal development have always been my companion. I tried different techniques to address my personal challenges that I always carried with me. Once I decided to work with Coco, she created a space with me in coaching where I could find space for each of my emotions and reflect specifically. Through her exercises, I subsequently transferred my findings into my everyday life and overcame more hurdles than ever. I am very convinced by these results, which show that Coco's coaching is very effective and can help many people through it. Coco has a big heart and is a great person! Thank you."

TOM HADERER (26), Motivational Speaker, Austria

"Coco you are great. The last year was and still feels like a very intense journey for me. I find our Skype sessions great and very helpful! You always show me new ways and approaches! You help me sort and focus my thoughts while seeing the bigger picture.  My life compass is doing very well, thanks to you!!! You are a great person and bring an incredible amount of joy into the world!"


"Coco is a great online coach! At first I wasn't sure if coaching via Skype could really be effective. Now I know that it is definitely possible! Coco is very good at reading between the lines. She helped me notice things that I didn't have on my personal radar before! The "altitude" of our imaginary helicopter flights was always just right!"


"Coco is a very good coach. She helped me understand how I feel in certain situations and how to manage them with clear, personal visualizations and images. Linking certain behaviors in our lives with images is a really great way to make changes. I highly recommend Coco to anyone looking for an effective coach! I consider myself very lucky to have Coco as my coach. She has always managed to pick me up on my wavelength and has presented methods that fit me so that I can achieve my goals more easily. She was always patient and very encouraging. I learned a lot from her. Although I still have to work on my issues, she found the right way with me. I now know how to interrupt my patterns and make the best decisions for me through the images developed. Thank you so much for everything, Coco!"

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