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"Let's optimize your strategies and skills as a leader together. If you let me, I will be your co-pilot and show you simple but effective tools with which you can develop inner peace, optimal leadership style and strengthen the sense of unity in your team.

You already have more skills and competencies at hand than you believe and I will help you see them!"

- Coco Decrouppe
Zertifizierte Coach, Kommunikationstrainerin & Autorin

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Who is Coco Decrouppe?

Coco Decrouppe is a certified coach, communication trainer and author. For 10 years now, Coco has been coaching primarily leaders but also top athletes, astronauts and young entrepreneurs in German-speaking countries as well as internationally.


Her coaching certifications from the Coaching Training Institute (CTI; 2013), the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the Space Coach Academy and the Neuroscience Academy give her a strong foundation to support her coachees and training participants in moving forward, thinking bigger and growing. Since 2023 Coco is also a certified Lego® Serious Play® Facilitator. 

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Experience Abroad

Coco has spent the last 20 years of her life on 4 different continents. Currently she lives in Berlin, Germany, but was born in Hamburg, grew up in Austria and moved 12 times internationally. This time has enriched her methods and techniques and also promotes an inclusive environment in trainings in your company. Her intercultural skills make it easy for her to recognize your uniqueness as a leader and to help you recognize it as well.

Coco's many years of experience abroad, especially in the USA, enable her to work with English-speaking clients and to deliver her coaching and team training in English.

Methods for Coaching

Based on her experiences, Coco has developed her own leadership model "The Soccer Field Model©️" and written the book "The Full Potential Relationship". Coco brings this leadership model as well as other methods and tools into her coaching and team training sessions. For example, she is also a certified Eigenland® consultant. Coco's leadership approach is always based on successful self-leadership and inner peace.

During a coaching or team training session with Coco, you will, together with Coco, access an imaginary toolbox that complements your leadership style and is always at your disposal. It is simple, personal and practical and will help you in the long run. You will be surprised how simple leadership can be.

Feedback from Coachee

"For me, the selection of Coco as a coach was a mega stroke of luck. It was important to me that my coach is someone I can trust 100% and with whom I can go into depth and discuss serious issues without any question marks. On a personal level, we found each other very quickly. That was simply important to me and it just fit. So I can recommend Coco at any time."

- Madgalena Ritt, leader

Cocos Education & Certificates

  • ICF International Coaching Federation Certificate 

  • CTI Coaches Training Institute

  • Neuroscience Academy

  • Eigenland® Certificate

  • Certified  Lego® Serious Play® facilitator 

  • Bachelor of Arts Communication Science

  • Voice, acting training

  • Further training personality development

Interested? Then Dare to try!

Then get in touch! Book a free meeting with Coco now, easily and conveniently. No matter if you are interested in individual coaching for yourself or your employees or if you need a team training in your company. In this virtual first meeting, you can get to know Coco and her approach and see if it matches your expectations. 

Info: Most coaching sessions take place virtually. For team trainings, Coco often offers virtual as well as in person trainings in the company. 

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Topics for Business coaching

& Team training

  • Build resilience

  • Giving feedback effectively

  • Create role clarity

  • Improve time management

  • Team strengthening

  • Conflict management

  • Navigating emotions

  • Personality development

If you are interested to get to know Coco better, follow her on LinkedIn , Facebook or Instagram!

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