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60 Seconds Video Inspiration: 3 Tips for Effective Time Management

Effective time management is a frequent topic in my coaching sessions. Often my coachees talk about the challenge of successfully managing all their tasks and responsibilities. In this short 60 seconds video I share 3 tips for effective time management that work for both leaders and employees. You can find a short description below.

3 Quick Methods for Improving Your Time Management

  1. Turn off you notifications: Turn off all your notifications. This applies to both your phone and your computer. This is especially important when you want to concentrate on 1 task. You'll work more efficiently on the task at hand because you will be less distracted.

  2. Reply to emails collectively: Reserve time to reply to all your emails at once. Take half an hour or an hour, depending on what works best for you. After that, close your email inbox.

  3. Communicate clearly & transparently: When you start a conversation, communicate clearly what your goal and expectations are. Don't beat around the bush, but be direct in what you want to achieve with the conversation.

If you want to learn more about this topic, I recommend the following blog post: Success through Leadership Competencies: 3 Important Skills for Leaders. In this post, I share more methods about effective time management. For example, I explain how you can use your calendar as an effective tool and much more. Feel free to check it out! :)


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