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Coaching: How to increase your inner peace!

Updated: May 18, 2022

This Relaxation Exercise helps to increase your Inner Peace in your everyday life and is also part of Team Trainings with Coco!

Everyone knows the situation: You have an important meeting or conversation and your mind is somewhere else. Especially when you have a lot on your plate at work or in your private life, it can be difficult to find inner peace. But don't worry! For such situations together we can create an imaginary place in which you feel inner place. This visualization method brings more balance and relaxation into your everyday life. As a manager or employee you can use this exercise to reduce stress and improve your work-life balance.

In this blogpost, I explain why the place of inner peace is and why it is useful. Additionally, you can try it youself for free! If you are German speaking, then you can download my 10 minute audio guide or listen to it on YouTube. In this audio, I guide you through how to create and visualize your place of inner peace.

What does Place of inner peace mean?

Each of us can create an individual place of inner peace. This is simply an imagined place where you feel calm, safe and comfortable. When you think of this place, you try to block out everything around you and just focus on yourself. This is best achieved by thinking in images and consciously perceiving your senses: what do I see, what do I smell, what do I hear? Your place of inner peace is -your- own retreat. Over the years, together with my coachees, I have visualized and traveled to over hundreds of these inner places and was able to discover: Most imagine the beach or the mountains. But no matter which place it ends up being, they all share the qualities of warmth, spaciousness, brightness and cozy that make you feel good.

Try it yourself:

  • Listen to the audio via YouTube above or follow this link

  • Download the audio:

Coco Decrouppe - Visualisierung Fußballfeld & Innere Ruheort.mp3
Download ZIP • 18.79MB

Why is it Useful?

Creating a place of inner peace can be very helpful in both professional and private life of a leader or employee. We all have days when our thoughts wander, we are distracted with something or we are stressed and have difficulty feeling relaxed. In such moments you can imagine your place of inner peace to refocus again. This relaxation exercise can help you, for example, to go into a conversation feeling balanced and with an open ear. But it also helps to concentrate and to be in the here and now.

By the way: My places of inner peace are either a vast desert landscape, a waterfall in Australia OR slope in the mountains where I hear the snow crunching, I see the blue sky and feel the sun on my face.

-> This directly increases my peace of mind! :)

When Can You use this Exercise?

Generally, you can always imagine your place of inner peace whenever you need it. This can be in the morning when you get up or in the evening before you go to sleep. Many of my coachees visualize their calming place before an important conversation or meeting in order to be more relaxed and focused. You can also think of your place of inner peace during a conversation. So it really depends on what works for you and what you need.

The motto here is: practice matters. The more often you use this visualization technique, the easier it gets.

Method in Team trainings?

I also often use this visualization exercise in team training sessions. In this way, every team member can create an individual place of inner peace. Furthermore, it improves teamwork, as everyone has learned a technique that can be used to increase the feeling of calmness and balance, especially in stressful situations. The place of inner peace allows one to take a step back and focus on oneself while tuning out one's surroundings.

And Now?


Feel free to try out this visualization technique on your own. Lay down in a quiet room or outside and imagine a place that makes you feel relaxed and happy. In case you are German speaking, you can download my free 10 minute audio guide or listen to it on YouTube. If you like to get in touch or are interested in an individual coaching or team training session, just reach out to me at or book a meeting on the top right of this page. I am looking forward to hearing from you!


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