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Dare to Try Something New: My Path & Tips to Starting a Business.

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Coachees often ask me how I actually got into coaching and training. Similarly, I was recently asked about my business and being self-employmed in this interview for gosolo. My answers to such questions are usually relatively short and clear: "Almost 10 years ago, my coach helped me to be brave and try new ways!".

A short but clear answer. However, the path was definetly not always easy but sometimes unclear, winding, and unpredictable. It takes courage to try something new. And a big portion of it. Today, I am overjoyed to have made this decision back then, and not only to have started this journey but also to have believed in it, even on challenging days. It made me grow in many ways.

I hear the question "Should I or should I not?" from my coachees every day. Exactly at this question we should listen carefully and deal with this question more closely. Because this question reveals to you things that lie dormant in you, that sometimes knock just quietly, sometimes loudly and pull you in their direction. Therefore, they shouldn't be ignored but explored. It is often the things that naturally interest you, fascinate you and sometimes make you forget to eat or sleep.

For me it was being a coach and working with others. What are these areas for you? What ideas, notions or dreams wake you right up and bring vibrancy and sparkle to your eyes? If they are not clear to you, keep your eyes open or ask a coach to accompany you on this journey.

If you want to know more of my personal experience, feel free to check out the blog post or the interview on gosolo.

How did I get into coaching?

While working with my coach, I decided to start my own business and become self-employed (Yes, I have also my own coach :). I have never regretted this decision and am super happy with it every day. This is especially because it fulfills me and it is super motivating to see how my clients feel empowered and full of joy after a coaching or training session. I'm grateful for my job and the trust they put in me every day.

Was the beginning easy? Certainly not. What has always carried me is my passion to help people make their lives easier. It can be simple. It can be peaceful. Learn to use that for yourself.

my greatest achievement as a self-employed person

I really enjoy inspiring other people with my talks, coaching, trainings, blog posts and with my book. When it comes to my greatest accomplishment as an entrepreneur, it was trusting my gut and believing in my services and products, even if it was difficult in the beginning.

One of the biggest challenges for me

Wearing several hats at the same time. This includes the hats that are not my passion. :)

My top tips for others who want to start, run and grow a business today:

1. Start with what you would like to avoid the most. For example, if you're afraid to pick up the phone and call people.

2. Prioritize by asking yourself, "What's the next step toward earning an income?"

3. Do what you love. Listen to your gut. Also, be brave, because time is too short.

Last Tip:

Remember and be aware that you are not alone. Get help and support from experts when you need it. If you feel like it, you can also share your story with me.

Big thanks to gosolo for the nice talk!

If you want to learn more about me and my work, feel free to connect on LinkedIn or Instagram. I am looking forward to hearing your feedback! :)


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