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VIRTUAL COACHING over the phone or online is fun, easy and extremely effective. It will definitely improver your life in many ways. You don’t need to travel, no traffic, just hit the (video) call button on your phone and you are connected to your coach, who will listen to you on a deeper level and support you to get the results you want in your business or private life. A coach is like a bodyguard who protects you from all distractions that stop you from being as successful and fulfilled as you would like to be! 

Anna, one of my virtual clients, is a powerful, fun, inspiring business owner from Hamburg, Germany. We worked together in 2017, and whenever we are in the same city we try to see each other. My clients, as well as I myself, enjoy the geographical flexibility that virtual coaching allows. Nevertheless, I sometimes get to meet one of my virtual coaching clients IN PERSON. As much as we love the virtual environment, you can imagine how both sides enjoy a real meeting in person, after all the personal things we talk about and worked on. I regularly RECONNECT with former clients through phone, email, WhatsApp, or in person, and many of my clients come back for a new coaching cycle. There will always be some kind of special connection and relationship with my (virtual) clients. Coaching or virtual coaching is as personal as YOU make it, because as soon as we talk about our challenges and dreams, it doesn’t matter if there are continents between us! @a.mora @Hamburg @skype


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