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Sharing Experiences: When Coachees talk about their Coaching with Coco

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

My coaching is individually tailored at each cochee. It depends on what you need and what you want to talk about. The same applies to team trainings. Each team training is adapted to the needs of the respective team. My role as coach and trainer is to guide and support. To do this, I use various methods from my toolbox such as targeted questions, thought-provoking impulses and models such as my self-designed Soccer Field Model.

But instead of me sharing my perspective, I just let 3 of my coachees share their experience of my coaching and team trainings.

In the following videos, Annabelle, Namakau and Ulrike talk about what they worked on during their individual coaching journey with me and what they learned about themselves. In doing so, they mention many methods from my toolbox such as my self-designed Soccer Field Model, the Burger Model and the inner place of peace. They also give insights into the issues that have preoccupied them as a staff member or manager.

Feel free to have a look at it! Please be aware that the videos are in German.

Three women who are managers a green background representing coachees
From left to right: Annabelle, Namakau and Ulrike share their coaching and training experience with Coco

Annabelle T., HR Business Partnerin I Linkedin

In the first video, Annabelle talks about how coaching guided her through the process of considering and deciding to change jobs. When asked what coaching has done for her professionally, she answers the following:

It made me stronger, made me braver and encouraged me to take the next step, and ultimately gave me the opportunity to take the next step in my career.

In addition to the job switch, Annabelle also talks about methods that we have used in the coaching. In particular, she found the Soccer Field Model and the Burger Model an enrichment for her professional and private life. She also explains my self-designed Soccer Field Model in her own words. Furthermore, we talk about how she receives and gives feedback and how she perceived our online coaching.

Namakau M., THEN: Head of operations I Now: Self-Employed

Coaching only starts to be enriching once people are really open for it. This is exactly what Namakau talks about in her video. Although she was a little sceptical at first, she was able to bring more balance into her everyday professional life, especially with the help of the inner place of peace and my Soccer Field Model. Furthermore, Namakau uses the Soccer Field Model to consciously set boundaries and to say "no" sometimes.

In her leadership role, Namakau also uses the Soccer Field Model to communicate clearly and directly. In addition, the model is helpful in keeping track of self-leadership and team leadership as well as creating spaces for herself and others.

When I asked Namakau how she would describe coaching to someone who has not yet done it, she responded the following:

An experience that is important. One that should be made. As a journey of discovery to oneself.

Since the recording Namakau has changed her job. She is now self-employed and sells homemade and very, very delicious cookies and sends them all over Germany. If you want to make everyone happy at a team event or meeting, take a look at the delicious cookies from AuntyNamthz.


UlRike G., Team Lead development & Support for Digital Solutions

As a manager, Ulrike works with a large and diverse team. In particular, my Soccer Field Model helps her to communicate more clearly, but also to set boundaries. This not only helps her, but also others. In addition, Ulrike and I have worked very visually in our coaching, for example by imagining her own inner place of peace.

Ulrike also talks about the team training I did with her and her team. She talks about how helpful this joint experience was to identify challenges within the team and to work on them. For her as a manager, the team training supported her in clearly identifying the roles and strengths of employees.

At this point I would like to thank Annabelle, Namakau and Ulrike for taking the time to share their experiences and impressions. And also a huge thank you to all 3 for their trust and for allowing me to accompany them on the journey. I look forward to more coaching sessions!


If these stories have made you interested in having an individual coaching or team training, feel free to contact me. On the following page you can easily book a non-binding initial meeting and get more information:

In case you would like to have an initial meeting for individual coaching, you can easily book that on the top right of this website. I am looking forward to it!

Would you like to learn more about the soccer field model or create your own inner place of peace with my guidance? You can also check out my other blogposts. :)


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