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The Soccer Field Model by Coco Decrouppe
Vision Burger by Coco Decrouppe
Eigenland by Eigenland
Lego & The Soccer Field Model by Coco Decrouppe
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Coco brings 15 years of international experience to her coachings & team trainings. She gets to know your team and managers and presents an imaginary, tailor-made management case containing simple tools and methods for your leaders and employees.

The practical relevance as well as the easy applicability of the methods in leadership situations, conversations or in the preparation thereof, is always the central focus.


Here are examples from previous trainings:


We use the Eigenland® method to optimize your communication culture, accelerate product development, and define values & vision. Eigenland® creates clear results, transparency, and a strengthening sense of unity! It is also incredibly fun!  


The Soccer Field Model©️

We use "The Soccer Field Model" as an agile and holistic management model. It combines self-, relationship, and team communication. The metaphor of the soccer field will quickly help you to become a self-confident, calm, and charismatic leader! 

Be a leader who strengthens and brings his team together!

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