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Develop your competencies

In coaching, I accompany you as a sparring partner at eye level. I remind you of your strengths and abilities and give you effective tools to navigate situations quickly and confidently.

Results after 6 coachings

🥳 More fun in your role

♟️  Clear strategy for healthy & authentic leadership

🧘🏽  Inner peace & strong self-leadership

🗣   Successful feedback giving, conversations & negotiatations

🔦 Accompaniment from operational to leadership position

🗺 Stronger common language in your team 

⏰ Optimize time & email management

🧭 New professional direction & personal development

⚙️ Toolbox for your daily leadership routine

Possible collaboration:

🎧  6 sessions within 3 months

🎧  12 sessions within 6 months

🎧  24 sessions within 1 year

Ergebnisse nach 6 Coachings:
Mögliche Coachingpakete:
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Coach Coco Decrouppe during in-person coaching.jpeg

Coaching is all about you. No matter what topic is bothering you in your everyday leadership, in our coaching sessions we tackle things together.

Maybe you are wondering how to stay calm in difficult conversations, how to say "no" more clearly and how to increase the "we-feeling" in your team. Let's create your personal toolbox together in 6x45 minutes coaching sessions and optimize your leadership skills. This can be done conveniently online and is of course also suitable for people that are not in leadership positions.


You can book a first free and non-binding conversation with me right away.

Frequent Coaching Topics

Whether you have just taken on your first leadership role, have been leading a large team for years or simply want to try out coaching: coaching is valuable for everyone! Because coaching is all about you and your ability to lead!

As a certified coach, I have my methods and tools to best support and accompany you on your coaching journey. For example, I use my self-designed Soccer Field Model©️ or the Visions Burger as methods. Nevertheless, every coaching session is different and customized to you. Because during the sessions we talk about the questions that are bothering you, but also about the solutions and how you can unburden yourself and develop further.

Depending on the topic, we develop strategies and tools that help you in your everyday life. This applies to both your professional and private everyday life. You learn how to assess difficult conversations faster and therefore react more quickly.

Practical Examples:

How do I give feedback?

How do I delegate?

How do I set boundaries?

How do I stay calm in difficult conversations?

How do I make decisions quickly and effectively?

How do I successfully manage my time (e.g. calendar management, email management)?

How do I create a "we-feeling" in the team?

How do I motivate and develop my employees?

How do I take care of myself and others?

How can I lead in a healthy and authentic way?

Individual & Customized Coaching 

Collage von Coco Decrouppes online Coachees

My coaching is tailored to each person individually. It depends on what you need and what you want to talk about. Coaching is about tackling your goals and individual challenges and helping you to manage them successfully. You will get simple but effective tools from me.

The coaching sessions can be scheduled flexibly. We plan dates so that they fit you. If you live in Berlin like I do, we can have coaching in person, but virtual coaching is also very convenient and offers you a lot of flexibility. Good to know: Virtual coaching can be just as effective and personal as in person.

How does Coaching work?

Before we start our coaching journey, I offer a first non-binding meeting, in which we can get to know each other and discuss your wishes and goals. After the conversation you can decide how to proceed. In most cases, I recommend starting with a coaching cycle of 6x 45 minutes.


While a single coaching session can also be helpful, coaching should be seen more as a process and shared journey. 6 coaching sessions will bring more confidence and joy in your own role. It takes time and also a little effort to perceive changes.

1st session

In the first session we get to know each other better and define the goals for coaching. But don't worry! I will guide you through this process by asking you some questions. Such questions are: "How satisfied are you with your resilience? Your inner peace? Giving feedback? Delegating? Your tone & anger management? How satisfied are you with your ability to say "no"?" And many more questions! :)

2nd - 5th session

In these sessions we work on your goals. Of course, it can always be that something new is on your mind. Therefore, I start each session by asking you what you have experienced since the last time and what our common goal is for today's session. During the 45 minutes we use different tools and adapt them to your needs. At the end it is always important to know: "What do you take away from today?".

6th session

In the last session we evaluate what we have achieved, how far we have come and what comes next. Of course I would be happy if you would like to be accompanied by me and plan further sessions with me. But even if you want to work on your development alone, we will discuss what you can take with you for the future. I have accompanied many coachees for many years.


Feedback of Coachees

I was able to apply Coco's methods to my team and it significantly improved dynamics and communication. The Soccer Field Model is easy to understand, explain and apply and it helps strenghtening relationships.


It has been instrumental in the success of our team discussions because we have been able to build a trusting conversation through the model and thus have fruitful discussions. We can now express our appreciation for each other better than ever before.

Paula (35), Marketing Lead, E-Commerce Industry


Führungskräfte-Coach und Teamtrainerin Coco Decrouppe aus Berlin.jpg

I am Coco Decrouppe: certified coach, communication trainer and author. For 10 years I have been coaching primarily leaders but also top athletes, astronauts and young entrepreneurs in German-speaking countries but also internationally. Furthermore, I give trainings for teams. In addition to 15 years of international experience, I creaed my own toolbox with simple, tried-and-tested methods, which can individually adapted.

In my coachings and team trainings I convey in a fun, clear and authentic way methods that effectively help in difficult conversations and situations. My people-centered approach helps develop and strengthen individuals and teams. Get to know me and learn more in a free first meeting!

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