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Better-performing mental state

Want to learn "how to reach a better-performing mental state"? The Charisma Myth will help you DO that. It introduces very practical strategies to improve your presence and how you feel about yourself.

I use several images described in the book for myself, as well as in coaching with clients. One exercise from this book that I highly recommend to play with is called: Rewrite Reality Technique (p. 52). It´s great for any kind of performance or challenging situation you have coming up, because it will help you "get into a better-performing mental state"! 

This is what you do: Choose a challenging event in the future and write down this experience as if it was already in your past. Focus on everything that went well, how everything worked in your favor, and describe the details. Go on as long as you want and notice how you feel.  

It´s your choice how you shape your reality!

This exercise might not be important for you right now, but think of it when you need it. 

ASK YOURSELF: On a scale from 1-10, how satisfied am I with my charismatic presence? (10 = very satisfied) What would that 10 look like?


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