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Is Business Coaching Worth Your Time and Money? As certified Coach I answer 4 Questions

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

I was just voted one of the top 15 coaches in Berlin in 2022 by Influence Digest (link here). While I am still thrilled about this recognition, it also occurred to me that there is still a lot of uncertainty about what coaching actually is. Some people interested in coaching are unsure what they can actually expect from coaching and the coach. No one wants to waste their time or money. So, in this blog post I would like to provide clarity by answering 4 questions to tell you: When and why is it worth investing time and money in coaching.

What is coaching?

After almost 10 years as an leadership coach, it is still sometimes difficult for me to explain to a new coachee what coaching exactly is. This is also due to the fact that it can feel different from coachee to coachee.

But here is one possible answer: Coaching is a guided experience and it will

empower you in every area of your life. No matter if it is your professional or private life. During the coaching you can consciously take time for yourself and your development. It is about your goals, dreams but also personal challenges. In my coaching sessions you will be given helpful tools and methods that will help you move forward.

Interesting fact: Although I'm a coach I also have my own coach. If you would like to have coaching explained from a coachee's point of view, check out this blog post: Sharing Experiences: When coachees talk about their coaching with Coco

How do I find my coach?

Websites such as Influencer Digest or blogs can be a first help in your online search. Most coaches have their own website on which they describe their services. There you can get a feeling whether the topics and the focus of the coach appeal to you. There are also platforms for coaching. For example, I work with partners such as CoachHub - The digital coaching platform or MEDISinn Plattform GmbH.

Through the many years of experience that I have with hundreds of coachees, I find the first conversation crucial. Therefore, I offer all interested parties a free and non-binding meeting with me. I would recommend this simple but effective solution to everyone to minimize initial concerns. In the 'chemistry call' you can check if you feel comfortable and have a positive feeling about working together. Sometimes it also helps to "sleep on" the decision. No one should expect an immediate decision!

What can I expect from my coach?

Coaching sessions are absolutely confidential. They are usually very personal. In return, as a coach I create a relaxed atmosphere and judgment-free zone. No matter what, I always stand behind my coachees. Often my coachees tend to keep their coaching sessions to themselves. Others share their coaching journey with people in their lives. It's always about what the coachee needs and wants.

My coaching sessions are mostly virtual for 45 minutes every 1-2 weeks. In the coaching sessions, we talk about the challenges to overcome and how to stay focused on your goals and sharpen your vision. We develop simple but effective methods that are easy to put into practice and fun. Sometimes I am also a bodyguard for my coachees. I protect them from their self-limiting thoughts and encourage them to recognize and use their strengths.

I often ask my coachees to slow down in order to reach their goal faster. I invite them to think much, much bigger and further and to realize their wishes and goals. For example, to find more inner peace, to build resilience, to optimize their communication skills, to give/accept more effective feedback, to strengthen the "we-feeling" in the team or to go new ways (& much more).

Why is Coaching valuable to me?

Although I am sometimes critical of coaching, I experience on a daily basis how incredibly effective it is. I accompany so many coachees over a longer period of time and hear and see their professional and personal development. For example, I see how newly promoted leaders become more confident but also calmer and less stressed. As a result, I see how much time and money my coachees save. They no longer have to ponder their leadership questions alone, but know that with me as their sparring partner, they will reach their goal more quickly, enjoy their role much more, and ultimately leave the conversation stronger in the long term.

That is why my profession is such an enrichment for me. The satisfaction of my coachees and training participants is incredibly important to me.

Collage of virtual coachees of Coco Decrouppe smile at camera
Collage from virtual coachees of Coco

Interested in Coaching?

If you are interested in coaching and a chemistry call with me? Then, feel free to contact me. You can book a free, initial meeting in the calendar above under "book a call". I also offer team trainings. You can find more information here.

I would be interested: Do you have experience with coaching? If so, why do you think coaching is enriching? 🙌🏽💬 As always, I am happy to hear your feedback! :)


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