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First, navigate your emotions, THEN talk.

Updated: Jan 11

"I feel more peaceful!", one of the fabulous attendees summed up at the end of the women-in-business workshop on conflict management in NYC.

Peaceful. So simple, yet quite difficult to feel at times, especially when you find yourself in a conflict with another business partner or friend.

What we tend to do when our emotions start raising, is either not talk at all, or talk way too much and loud about it. Both ways don´t work well for very long.

Instead of NOTacting or REacting while we are filled with emotions like frustrations or anger, we need to ... navigate our emotions inside of us BEFORE we go and talk to this person!

How do you do that?

1. Awareness: catch the conflict

2. Slow down

3. Don´t judge yourself or other one, just observe and notice

4. And: THINK SOCCER FIELD! (no love for soccer needed!)

The Soccer Field Model is an innovative communication model, and a blueprint for any kind of relationship. It will help you put the challenges of conflicts in perspective, manage yourself better, as well as manage other people in individual relationships and teams. Your imaginary soccer field will quickly become very personal to you, and if you allow it, it will have great impact on everyone around you, from your boss to your spouse and children (even if no one knows you are using it).

It will help you access your inner strength, resolve conflict, and build Full Potential Relationships in your business and private life. We need to pay attention to the order though, and access your inner strength first. Start with yourselves first! That may mean you need to start with being kind to yourself first.

I am happy to support you and show you how to implement this communication tool:

Learn how to use the Soccer Field Model in one of my workshops, in an one-on-one coaching online, or read more about it in "The Full Potential Relationship & The Soccer Field Model", available now on Amazon. The book includes 41 reflection questions to define your individual relationship guidelines. Enjoy the read!

How does it work? 

We use the Power of Visualizations and your gut-feeling to get the results you want. By using images (e.g. the soccer field), we are able to articulate and navigate our emotions! Surprise yourself!

Why does it work?

Our brain does not know the difference between what is real and what we imagine. We might as well use it to our advantage and actually feel more "peaceful in conflict".

Ask yourself: What do I know about navigating emotions within myself?

Share your conflict with me, we´ll find a strategy to resolve it:

For more information, please contact:


1-DAY WORKSHOP NYC: April 22, 2017

3 DAY WORKSHOP NYC: May 5-7, 2017


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