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How to delegate, navigate, and connect your teams

Updated: Jan 11

How can you learn to delegate? - Hello, you knocked on the right door. YES, there is a structured and simple way to delegate, navigate, and connect your employees: I call it ´The Soccer Field Model´. It will give your leadership style structure on many levels and, the best thing, it will calm you down right away. On top of it, you will know what your next steps need to be. Because you are ALREADY the expert of your ´field´. So let´s make sure you are not stepping into someone else´s.

The results of using the Soccer Field Method® are empowering and mind-blowing! As a virtual trainer, coach, and creator of this strategy, my favorite moment is, when I see my clients connect the dots and realize their power within themselves. The power to find inner peace in stressful conversations, the power to "say no", delegate and navigate employees, as well as the power to communicate in a way so that your employees use their full potential and feel truly connected and empowered!

Over 3 months I accompany organizations and management teams to become a ´Soccer Field Certified Company´. We look at your challenges and I will give you a simple framework (it´s more the image of a soccer field), to master strategic business development, sense of unity in your team and company, and last but never least, your self-navigation and inner peace. Take a look at this video interview with Martin Engelmayr, a successful CEO from Munich, who shares his development and success.

Let´s take a look at how your business can turn into a ´Soccer Field Certified Company`. Contact for more information.


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