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Team Survey: Taking the Pulse of your Team

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Before you can make any changes in your team, first you need to know the status quo. Therefore, it is important that leaders and HR managers find out how the team dynamics are and whether there are any ideas for improvement. This means taking the pulse of your team members. This quick check could show you that you need to take actions, for example, by organising a team training.

To facilitate this process, I'm sharing a 1-page long, free survey with you which you can just download below. Furthermore, I provide tips on how to distribute and evaluate the survey and explain why such a survey can be an important tool. important.

How it works

1. Download the free team survey below:

Team Survey - Cocos Quick Check 2022
Download PDF • 374KB

2. Send this survey to your team and ask everyone to fill it out. To ensure anonymity, you can ask everyone to put their answered survey in a small box in the office. Another option is to offer the survey digitally or incorporate it into a digital tool like Mentimeter. Get creative!

3. Provide your employees with a deadline to complete the survey. As an example: Tell them they have 1 week.

4. Analyze the answers: Identify commonalities and differences in the responses. If possible, set up a team meeting to discuss the results. This way, you can also get feedback and explanations from your employees.

5. Derive and implement effective measures. Measures could be that you plan more regular team meetings or organize a team training.

Since this can be a tricky step, I offer my support! Simply book a free 20-minute meeting with me in my calendar.

The Value of a surveY

It is important to regularly ask your employees how they are doing, but also what the dynamics of the team are. Most people are happy to be proactively asked for their opinion and ideas. Often, employees have concrete suggestions on what can be improved. A short survey like this is easy and effective.

However, it can sometimes be difficult to unite the individual ideas and viewpoints of team members. It is especially tricky to formulate and implement adequate measures and action plans. As a coach and communication trainer, I provide support in such processes. With helpful methods and tools like my Soccer Field Model we can bring about change together in a team training. Therefore, let's talk if you would like to have my support. As described above you can book a free 20-minute meeting with me. Click here for the calendar:

More Informationen

If you are interested in a team training for your employees or would like to learn more, check out the following information page. Here you can also book a initial and free meeting with me:

I also offer individual coaching. If you are interested and want to talk to me about it, just book an appointment at the top of the website or send an email to:

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