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Coaching is a deeper, productive conversation with a clear goal. You define the goal and pace of the coaching. The Coach listens to you on a deeper level, asks powerful questions and introduces concepts and tools, that help you move forward in your personal and professional life. Virtual coaching is held over Skype, Facetime, Zoom, or any other avenue that allows you to do audio/video calls. It is effective for individuals as well as groups and teams.

Some topics:

Next career steps, managing teams, improve communication skills, preparing for challenging conversations in private or business relationships, calming emotions, finding what you love doing in life, leave work "behind" when you get home and fully enjoy the moment, understand your habits (e.g. eating habits) and create new ones that improve your quality of living or working, show your team a little more of who you really are, stand up for your opinion, improve emotional intelligence and leadership skills, personal development, ... 

Coaching over the phone or video call is personal As soon as we start talking about our "topics" and "problems", we forget that there is technology between us. Think about how much time you could spend talking to your best friend on the phone ... time flies right? It is very similar in virtual coaching. For a moment talking over Skype may feel "new" to you, but it is my job as a coach to create a safe and comfortable environment. Many times in coaching we look at what has worked for you in your life and how you can use/translate it to reach your new goals. Sometimes we look at why certain things didn´t work for you. Even when we look at uncomfortable situations and feelings, I want you to feel emotionally safe and know that we always find room to include humor and a good laugh. I will challenge you to get out of your comfort zone, and sometimes do things that seem "silly" or unusual. eg. lay down on the floor and take look at a topic from a new perspective. No matter what I invite you to do, I will do it with you, on my side of the screen, and always focuses on you getting the results you want.

Read more about what ´virtual coaching´is, in my interview with, Austria´s largest Lifestyle magazine:

ASK YOURSELF: What stops me from reaching my goals?


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