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As a leader, you want to give your team the feeling that you are all playing on the same field. In team training, we define a common vision and develop an appreciative feedback and communication culture.

As a certified communication trainer, I will show you and your employees how to successfully navigate areas of responsibility and emotions and how to set boundaries. You will complete the training with a strengthened WE feeling.

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STRENGTHEN YOU and your employees

The team training consists of three modules, which we all work on in the group. We will ask ourselves the following questions - and find answers with the help of tried and tested methods. From this we develop a common language.



How do I manage to set boundaries and direct emotions in professional situations? How do I keep my inner peace and increase my self-confidence?



How do we create a safe and healthy communication space that promotes goal-oriented communication and an appreciative feedback culture?


team leadership

How do we create a WE feeling that strengthens our motivation and satisfaction? What are our common rules of the game? How do we find a clear vision and align our actions with it?

What does the team training offer you?

The roots of a healthy communication culture lie in well-moderated self-leadership and inner peace. That's why my team training always starts there.

In the workshop we deal with the goals of your team and learn to master the individual challenges with confidence.

How is the seminar structured?

Before I design the training individually, I will discuss your wishes and goals with you in a free initial meeting. We will also ask about the needs of your team, for example through a practice-oriented team analysis. All appointments can take place digitally and, if desired, also on site.

Together we pack an imaginary toolbox that contains multifaceted methods for everyday work. The focus is always on the practical relevance and the ease of use of the instructions for action in management situations, discussions or in the preparation of them. The most important method in my leadership toolbox is the Soccer Field Model©, which I developed myself.

With the Soccer Field Model© we illustrate and combine the three elements of team training in a playful way:

  • self-leadership

  • interviewing

  • team leadership

The model is used to define roles and communication rules in your team. It is based on inner peace and healthy self-leadership.

Also for non-soccer fans!

Quick check: what would help you at the moment?

What topics are you dealing with? (multiple selection possible)
Wann möchtest Du starten?

Thank you, I'll get in touch with you!


That's what the participants of the digital team training say

I was able to use Coco's method in my team to significantly improve dynamics and communication. Easy to understand, explain and use, the Soccer Field Model helps to strengthen relationships.


It has been instrumental in the success of our team discussions because the model has allowed us to build trusting conversations and have fruitful discussions. We can now express our appreciation for one another better than ever before.

Paula (35), Head of Marketing, E-Commerce Industry

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About me

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I'm Coco Decrouppe: certified communication trainer, coach and author. I accompany executives and top athletes in the German-speaking and international area. In addition to 15 years of experience abroad, I bring a customizable toolbox with simple, tried-and-tested methods. In my training sessions, I convey clear and authentic instructions in an entertaining way, which also help in difficult conversations and situations. My people-oriented approach with innovative methods is suitable for every team - even those with a focus on self-organization or agility.

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Coco Decrouppe

Kanzowstrasse 8
10439 Berlin

Phone: +49 160 334 0404


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