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Communication in Space: Coco's Team Training that lets your team take off 🚀

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

"Coco, how can my team and I put things into practice? In theory, we know that we should remain calm in conversations. But in everyday work, things sometimes get more tense and emotional. What can we do?" As a coach and trainer, I often hear such trains of thought. My answer is then the following question: "Do you also do regular team training with your team?

Just like astronauts train for years, we also need repetition (=training) to internalize effective communication methods to put them into practice. The more fun and success we have in doing so, the faster we see clear, positive change in our (professional) life. That's why I prefer to use playful images and methods to describe complex dynamics in leadership and communication.

In this post, I introduce you to my training format "Communication in Space". I show you why a team training full of space and aviation aspects can help you and your team in everyday life. In addition, participants share what they find particularly effective and positive about this workshop.

About the Training format

Before conceptualizing the training, I check the needs of the team in a analysis to identify what the team needs. Thus, the training format "Communication in Space(day)" is one of the different ways to make a training fun and effective. In this training, the team imagines itself as a space crew on its way to space. Once they arrive at the space station, they have to prove themselves as a team. Only who brings 4 important qualities as a team may call themselves 'Space Team' and can start the mission.

4 astronaut stickers on blue background asking if they are a space-qualified team

The idea behind my team training is that all participants focus on their communication and interaction with each other. The workshop has the following 3 goals:

  1. Having fun and strengthening the team spirit

  2. Taking practical methods and inspiration from space travel into everyday life

  3. Checking to what extent the team would make it in space

Strengths of the Training

With visual examples, participants will learn many aspects that will boost their communication skills and that they can transfer to their everyday leadership while having a galactic day as a team! :) Of course, I incorporate other tools from my coaching and training into this workshop. For example, my self-designed toolbox for leaders and my soccer field method are both simple and effective tools when it comes to self- and team-leadership as well as communication.

Besides a lot of fun, the playful approach of this communication training also makes it easier to talk about difficult topics. Profound and also sensitive conversations will come up during this team event. As you can see such a team training with a focus on aerospace is a brilliant team event with a lot of depth!

Experiences of Other Teams

Gruppenfoto von Netgo-Mitarbeitenden beim Teamtraining mit Coco Decrouppe im Space Shack Berlin

Congratulations to the great team from Netgo: you are now a certified Space Team! Our training at the end of Noveber with the space focus was inspiring!

The team of Netgo and I rented a room in the cool co-working location of Space Shack Berlin, where the rooms are designed futuristic and in the space theme. As you can see on the pictures, we also used other tools like my toolbox for leaders including. my soccer field method as well as Lego! :)

To share the feedback from the team with you, here are the 3 most frequently mentioned points of what the team liked about the communication training in space:

Top3 Feedback:

#1🥳 Fun & enjoyment: The training was a great team event for all participants. The simple and playful approaches made the training varied and motivating. Many practical tips for everyday life could also be taken away.

#2 🚀 Deep talk: Through the playful and participatory methods, important topics were also discussed and debated. In the process, the ideas and suggestions also went high into space, with a lot of lightness and laughter ...

#3 🧬 Team spirit: The team training again strengthened the feeling of unity. One participant said the following afterwards, "We are an even stronger team now after the training. I didn't think that was even possible."


If you are also interested in a cool team event on the topic of "Communication in Space" with your team, then feel free to schedule a free meeting with me now:

Thanks to Netgo for the great day and your trust. It was great fun! 🙌 Looking for a trusted advisor for smart and intelligent digitalization? Then take a look at Netgo.

Have you ever had a motivating team training and what do you think about my method? I am looking forward to your feedback and comments! :)


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