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Coco's Coaching: Q&A with coachee and leader Magdalena

Are you looking for a (new) coach or are you wondering whether virtual coaching makes sense? Then you are at the right place. Instead of sharing my point of view, I want to show you the perspective of a coachee. In this 25-minutes video in German, leader and my coachee Magdalena Ritt talks about her coaching journey with me and answers many questions.

In the video, Magdalena shares her experience, personal and professional development and gives concrete examples of the methods she uses in her everyday leadership and the added value the virtual coaching with me had.

Feel free to listen to the video in German or read through excerpts from our conversation below. A huge thanks to Magdalena for the conversation! :)

How was your experience with virtual coaching?

"To be honest, at the beginning I wasn't sure if virtual coaching had the same quality as having your coach sitting in front of you in person. But then I was really thrilled because of the flexibility. The video calls were totally fine. I enjoyed it extremely and it was not significantly worse or better when you see each other in person. But rather very positive because of the flexibility and the appointments that are independent of the location."

Which of the tools do you rely on the most?

"The biggest or best tool for me was the Soccer Field Model©. It helped immensely in conflict situations in the team, but also to show employees where they are on the field and where they should be. And where the boundaries are."

How would you describe the soccer Field model?

"In truth, it's like being on a real soccer team. There are boundaries. There are rules. There are things that everyone has to observe personally in order to show respect for the other person. It's a relatively simple method that is also very visually appealing for employees who might not be so keen on coaching. Very simple, very easy to implement in the team. It has great advantages for a variety of situations in the team."

How was the coaching for you?

"For me, the coaching was a mega support for my personal development and for my yet very young existence as a leader of such a big unit with not so much experience yet. It has helped me move forward quite a bit every fortnight."

How would you describe the role of the coach?

"The coach role for me is an outside person. A fairy godmother who looks at you with her staff in her hand and she has tools in there. And when a problem arises, you can ask her what you take out of the tools now and use to help. It's not always so clear what you have to master with your team. And this fairy godmother, my wife Coach, has always stood by me and given me certain tips or fetched tools from the staff."

Are there any reasons why you tried coaching?

"For me, the selection of Coco as a coach was a mega stroke of luck. It was important to me that it is someone I can trust 100% and with whom I can go into depth and discuss sometimes serious issues without any question marks. On a personal level we found each other very quickly. That was simply important to me and it just fit. So to recommend at any time."

To whom would you recommend coaching ?

"In general, to leaders but also especially to young leaderswith a large team. It's never a mistake there. Coaching can always support. I am of the opinion that you never stop learning. So there is always something you can improve, in yourself or in the cooperation with your team. I think coaching is also really interesting for people who maybe can't come out of their shell yet, but as a manager you know that this employee has potential."


This was the Q&A with Magdalena, successful manager, mother and certified 'Soccer Field Leader'. If you are interested in starting your own coaching journey with me, feel free to contact me. At the top of the website you can book a free and non-binding initial consultation under "Book an Appointment".

If you'd like to learn more about my coaching, feel free to scroll through here. I also offer team trainings in the form of workshops. More information about team trainings can be found here.


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