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🎄 The Magic of Christmas: Seeing and Listening to Others as Childrens do👼

At the end of the year, I would like to tell you a little story in which I was allowed to play a very special role.

Especially when Christmas is close, I like to remember this experience. When I stand at the Christmas market with a cup of mulled wine, it feels like yesterday. With a big smile, I suddenly recall the many unforgettable moments I was able to experience in this enchanted role. Every year I find myself wishing anew:

To be Christkindl once again (Austrian version of Santa Claus)!👼

Coco Decrouppe dressed as Christkindl surprises children and adults : Learn  from this story

Experiences as Christkindl

To this day, I especially remember the big, fascinated eyes of children that marveled at "me" and couldn't believe they were "seeing the real Christkindl (Santa Claus)".👀 To be seen by childern with a look of fascination and interest was a touching and encouraging experience for me, which lives on in me to this day. (and yes, there is no limit to being sentimental regarding this topic). ❤️

My wish for you

If there is somehing I would wish for you, especially for the Christmas season, it is this: That you feel seen and heard! Similar to how I felt seen and heard many years ago as Christkindl.

Especially now, right before Christmas and meeting with family, acquaintances and friends. If you sit at the Christmas table and the first/next dispute is brewing, then think of this story of careful and attentive eyes of children.

Try to give the other person at the table the feeling to be seen and heard, even or even more when you do not agree with that person. It can also work wonders to say "I hear what you say"/ "I see you". Even if it's been a long time, we don't unlearn to see the world and the people around us in an observing and appreciative way, like a child. #mindfulness Wanting to feel seen and heard is human. 🌎 It makes you feel valued and secure. When we behave this attentive way and meet others halfway, we increase the chance that this feeling will be reflected and multiplied. Speaking of which, this attitude is also important in the work context. Give it a try. Find and communicate the characteristic or way of working in which you admire your employee or colleague! My role as the Christ Child also makes me reflect on the topic of 'mindfulness' to this day. A week before Christmas, I was allowed to share another part of my Christmas story for Michael Aechtler from Drees & Sommer & CREATORS. I encouraged all participants to reflect on deceleration, conscious observation and conscious decision making. Thank you very much for the opportunity.


After an unpredictable, and for some perhaps stressful, year, I invite you to make a conscious decision: Let the magic of Christmas surround you! Be open to sharing with others, listening and seeing others.

Merry Christmas time! I wish a nice holiday and the opportunity to recharge your batteries!💫🌟👼


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