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October Sweepstake: Winners of Free Coachings with Coco share their Experiences

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

It brings me a lot of joy to make others happy and to give back! That's why I gave away 3 free coaching sessions to one person and 3 speed coachings to one person each at the end of October.

To my surprise, 2 of the winners openly shared their win on LinkedIn and told others about my coaching. So I'm sharing their reactions to winning in this blog post.

If you interested in winning a great prize too, stay tuned: Sign up for my newsletter on my home page and follow me on LinkedIn. :)

The beauty of the sweepstake was that anyone could use the coaching sessions themselves or give them to someone else, regardless of whether they were already being coached by me. This person could be a friend or an employee. Another possibility was that a leader raffles the coaching sessions in his/her team. So luck decided who can try my coaching. :)

Interested in more information about the sweepstake? Feel free to watch the video in German below.

Reaktions of the winners

Winner of Coco Decrouppe's sweepstake shares excitement of winning 3 free coachings on LinkedIn

The main prize went to Christian! He saw my contest on LinkedIn and just entered. He shared his joy about winning 3 free coachings in a short LinkedIn post. This way I could also meet a great person and accompany another coachee on his coaching journey. >> Go to Christians post

Besides Christian, there were 3 more winners. Adriana is one of them and had a free speed coaching session. We met in Berlin and talked about different topics. As you can see from her LinkedIn post, coaching is not just for leaders, it's for everyone. As a part-time employee and mother, she juggles between different exciting tasks, therefore, time management and work-life balance are important topics. With tools from my toolbox, I was able to give her simple and effective methods on how she can continue to successfully master this balancing act. >> To the article of Adriana

Winner Adriana of Coco Decrouppe's sweepstake shares coaching experience with Coach Coco

Another post from Adriana and me is about time management and the methods I discussed with her in our coaching. Because time management also means calendar management! >> Go to post about time management

A huge thank you to Christian and Adriana for your trust and for also sharing your experiences with me as a coach with others on LinkedIn. I look forward to more coaching sessions with you!

More Information

If you would like to learn more about coaching with Coco, feel free to browse through my blogposts and LinkedIn posts. You can also book a free first meeting with me under "Schedule call" of 20-45minutes. Furthermore, I also coach teams and offer team trainings. You can find more information under coaching and team training on my website.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via Enjoy! :)


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