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60 Seconds Video Inspiration: Effective Method to Give Feedback Successfully

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Feedback is an important component of supporting employees in their learning and development journey. Yet some managers shy away from giving feedback. But why? In my coaching sessions, leaders share that they often don't know how to give feedback effectively or they say that they are afraid of hurting someone's feelings. Therefore, some leaders find giving feedback difficult. But that can change! In this short 60 seconds video I share a useful method to give feedback successfully.

Effective Method for Feedback Giving

  1. Communicate what skill you want to discuss: Clearly communicate what skill you want to talk about with your employee. Examples are: Time management, giving presentations, etc.

  2. Ask your employee for an assessment: Ask your employee how satisfied he/she is with this skill. You can use a scale of 1-10. This is not about perfection, but about satisfaction! Give the person some time and ask if he/she can reflect aloud on how he/she feels about the skill.

  3. Share your assessment: Share the rating that you would give the person. Explain why you see it that way and say what a 10 would look like to you. It is important to discuss together how the employee can develop this skill. Of course, no one can achieve a 10 in every skill, but every person can work towards it, especially if you get helpful feedback and practical tips.

If you want to learn more about the topic feedback, I especially recommend the following blog post:

In this blog post, I provide more detail on how you can give feedbac by sharing examples and more methods. A section also talks about how to successfully deal with feedback.

Feel free to have a look! :)


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