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Impactful Leadership Workshop: Improve Your Leadership Skills with the Soccer-Field-Method®

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

It may look like a Lego® competition or colorful clutter for some. But in fact, my interactive and innovative team training, "Impactuful Leadership" hides behind those joyful faces.

If you are now asking yourself, "How do a soccer field and building blocks help to strengthen our leadership skills?" then I have the answer for you in this blog post.

Workshop Impactful Leadership of Coco Decrouppe with team of Michelin in Frankfurt

ABOUT The Workshop

In my 2-day workshop "Impactful Leadership" I use my self-designed Soccer-Field-Method® and combine it with the playful approach of the Lego® Serious Play® method. This approach not only brings joy (as you can see in the pictures), but also brings enlightening insights and growth for the group.

As with all my training formats, the participants, interaction, fun and visualizations are at the core of the workshop. Why? Because these elements make the workshop both motivating in the moment, and impactful in the long run. Since the methods and tools 🧰 are used in a way so that participants can actively experience them, they are remembered and more approachable for use in the long term.

Did you know?📢 The two days of the workshop can be spread out if needed. You can either do two days in a row or have some time in between.

Coco Decrouppe at her Impactful Leadership Workshop explaining her Soccer-Field-Method®

More about the content

My workshop "Impactful Leadership" enhances reflection, gives room for exchange among participants, triggers inner processes and brings more joy to your leadership role.

Impactful Leadership is a leadership style that has a significant and positive impact on employees, teams and organizations. It is about inspiring, motivating and empowering others to reach their full potential and achieve meaningful results. Impactful leaders have the ability to inspire a shared vision, foster collaboration, and create a positive work culture that promotes growth, innovation, and success.

The basis for the workshop is my Soccer-Field-Method®. This method is crucial to see leadership and leadership competencies holistically. It consists of the following 3 leadership levels:

  1. Self-leadership: This level focuses on you as an individual and helps you make reflective decisions, gain more inner peace and increase your emotional intelligence.

  2. Conversational leadership: This level is about interaction and dialogue. You learn to communicate more consciously and clearly and also to draw boundaries that are good for both sides.

  3. Team leadership: With this level, we look at group dynamics and strengthen the "we-feeling" in the team. We clarify roles/responsibilities and increase trust and cohesion in the team.

Coach Coco Decrouppe at her Workshop "Impactful Leadership" in Frankfurt

With the visualization of a soccer field, it becomes clear how to switch easily between different aspects of leadership. The Soccer-Field-Method® helps leaders to lead more joyfully and with ease. Therefore, it represents an added value for both individuals and teams.

In the team training "Impactful Leadership" everyone learns about this method. The shared understanding helps to develop a common language, which improves collaboration among employees. The Soccer-Field-Method® is experienced through Lego®SeriousPlay®. My Toolbox for Leaders© is also a central part of the workshop.

Advantages of this Workshop

The following 3 advantages of the workshop format are often named by participants:

  1. STRUCTURED EXCHANGE: Leaders or employees come together and realize that they are not alone with their challenges. Even if participants are in different roles, they recognize themselves in the perspectives of the others and learn from the different approaches. This increases the sense of feeling understood and belonging.

  2. TRUST & VULNERABILITY: Participants quickly gain trust and open up (even if they don't know each other). I like to use the Lego® Serious Play® method to get into the topic as well as to make the Football Field Method® tangible. The playful approach provides the ideal basis for also talking about difficult topics and challenges.

  3. PRACTICALITY: With the help of my simple and practical tools, participants are provided with methods that they can easily integrate into their everyday lives. For example, my Toolbox for Leaders with the Soccer-Field-Method® helps participants to gain more clarity, ease and joy in their leadership role.


Many thanks to Michelin, one of many companies that focus on leadership/employee development, for experiencing the 'Impactful Leadership' workshop with me in Frankfurt.

My 2-day workshop was offered to leaders from different areas in different roles. Although many workshop participants did not know each other beforehand, the workshop directly enabled trust and open exchange. This is due to the deliberately set framework, the described methods of the workshop, AND, of course, -only- possible, because the participants are open to it and engage in this journey. Thank you for that trust!

Team of Michelin in Frankfurt at Coco Decrouppe's Workshop "Impactful Leadership"
Team of Michelin in Frankfurt at Coco Decrouppe's Workshop "Impactful Leadership"

@Michelin: You are a great group of impactful leaders. It was fun working with you and you brought your strong company culture to life! I wish you all the best for the future!☀️🥳

📷 You can find more images of the workshop with Michelin below.


If you too are interested in a cool and effective team workshop with a mix on the Soccer Field Method® as well as Lego®, or just want to talk to me, feel free to schedule a free call now!

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